Picking the Day

Ladies and Gentlemen (if I have any male readers other than my other half and my Dad, that is….!) may I introduce Etta:

Etta ShoeEtta Shoe 2‘Etta’ Court Shoes, Charlotte Olympia, £525

Me and Etta are soul sisters. If I were a shoe, I think I’d look a little like Etta. Maybe I’d be a bit taller, and possibly a little more colourful, but polka dots AND a bow?? Yep, that’s me in a shoe!

This darling little creation is the brain child of Charlotte Olympia, and I have to say I was surprised when I found that out. See, I’m a fan of Charlotte’s work and love how different and fun her ideas are, but it isn’t often I see a design of hers that I would actually wear in real life. I tend to associate her first and foremost with the iconic ‘Dolly‘ style, along with that signature ‘island’ platform –…

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