Collection: A England 2017 Summer, Sargent’s Vision

English indie nail polish brand A England has released Sargent’s Vision, a collection of four holographic shades.

The collection is named for American artist John Singer Sargent; one of the shades is named for his 1885 painting “Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose” (pictured in the banner above).

I’m partial to Symphony in White, No. 1: The White Girl (1862) and “Portrait of Madame X” (1884):

John Singer Sargent: Portrait of Madame X (1884)

“Portrait of Madame X”, John Singer Sargent (1884)

The four shades are:

  • Carnation Lily Lily Rose (holographic)
    Angelic translucent azure radiating delicate multiple hues.
  • Symphony In Green and Gold (holographic)
    Sublime honeydew green with hints of gold reflections.
  • Symphony In Blue and Silver (holographic)
    Dreamy powder blue enhanced by flashes of green and silver light.
  • Nocturne (holographic)
    Holographic. Twilight black with a red nuance revealing at times its prismatic spectacle.


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