Snacks On Rotation

Things to do with your hubby on a Friday night:

1. Sit in the garage and eat french fries, gleefully, like we invented the dang thing. Seriously, we were like two kids sneaking a cigarette behind the wood shop at school or something. If a high five ensued, no one would be surprised. Perhaps we were just happy we were off work and had two days to wear pajamas. Or perhaps we are just lame. I dunno.

2. Spend five hours trying to surprise kiss my husband since he won’t do it the normal way cuz my right nostril scab has officially reached an expert level of unattractiveness. So apparently there IS conditions to his love, which is good to know in case of accidental nail polish extravaganza. I mean, if I happen to buy 1247 more bottles whose fault shall it be then? When there’s a hole in your…

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