Maggot, Toad & Doughnut

Serious question. Is it possible to go into Primark and only buy one thing?

I don’t think it is.

So I went in to buy a new back pack as the one I currently own has died a death and now must rest in peace.

As a quick fix I found this little beauty.

Perfect for £9. My everyday back pack needs to be fairly inexpensive as it spends a lot of time sat on the floor by my desk at work.

What it does have to have is all gold hardware. I’m just not a fan of black and silver hardware on handbags. Don’t know why, it’s just my thing.

But the Primark visit never stops with one single item. Oh no no no.

Well, I’ve been after some low stack shoes to go with a dress I have (see below) and I have literally trawled the internet and…

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