Slay Me Sassy Queer

And you just might stop to check my shoes out!
How bangin’ are my new sneakers? Ever since I slipped my foot into its first ever heel – it was a Cuban heeled riding boots me I’ll never forget it, I have been chasing the elusive dragon that everybody is chasing….

Just a few extra inches?

Ladies, am I right? Mhmm gurlfrannnn!

*side note – if my experiences with people guessing the height of these platforms and of measurements given on Grindr are anything to go by, people are very incorrect about what an inch actually looks like.

It is actually very interesting not just on what is said by people in the streets as I take the streets as though they were a catwalk and I were Naomi Campbell –

More like Slay-omi Campbell!

but also who it is that is giving me mad props on my stylish…

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