Going Places and Doing Stuff

I was counting down those damn seconds to get my hands on this bad boy. Just LOOK HOW PRETTY. I’m a sucker for packaging and I am totally just not throwing this box away. Ever.


I absolutely love the detail and effort that went into the packaging for this collab. It’s not just a flimsy lil cardboard box, it’s a proper box with a magnetic close, with a protective sleeve, embossed with the two emblems DAMN they thought about this. And that’s before you’ve even opened it. Because BAM, you’re hit with shiny rainbows. I’m equally in love with the individual boxes too. Honestly I’m so sad. I’m keeping the individual cardboard boxes. What’s wrong with me? Even the packaging on the products is new and pretty and lovely. This is my first Skin Frost, partially because I’m not a massive fan of the pink and I didn’t fancy a…

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