We are here to talk about a very special product. Originally designed with post – aesthetic treatment patients in mind, this moisturiser we are about tell you about is much more than that.

Most moisturisers available on the market skin in to the skin or dry to leave a barrier over the surface which can suffocate the skin. This one, forms a breathable ‘second skin’ layer that doesn’t block the vital flow of oxygen from reaching the epidermis.

epidermisdef.JPG Epidermis | Meaning 

This Moisturiser attracts oxygen to the skin thanks to patented, active Cervitae ingredient that’s found in all Oxygenetix products.

It provides essential hydration and ingredients to improve the healing process while also soothing sensitive skin for a more comfortable aftercare experience. Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished, creating the perfect base for make up.


We are in love with this product, the skin feels soft to touch and…

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