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Victoria Beckham has revealed why she is often seen in sunglasses – because she is “up all night” with her kids.

The former Spice Girl , who was speaking in Hong Kong where she has a fashion store, said: “I love women. I love to empower women.
“I think sunglasses are the final touch to a woman’s outfit. I wear sunglasses because like most mums, I am up all night with my children. They hide a multitude of sins.’

The 43-year-old also lifted the lid on what she was like as a boss.

She said: ”Someone once said to me that I don’t shout. I do shout, at home. But I have so much respect for the people I work with that I don’t.

“I go into work every day and I’m happy and I feel very lucky.

Victoria has four kids with former footballer David; Brooklyn, 18, Romeo, 14…

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